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Hardmask technology enables 10nm copper interconnects - New Electronics

New ElectronicsHardmask technology enables 10nm copper interconnectsNew ElectronicsSree Kesapragada, global product manager for metal deposition with leading equipment manufacturer Applied Materials, said: "There are more and more transistors, more and more interconnects and interconnect technology is facing a critical roadblock.".

Bio-inspired catalyst paves the way to 'gas-to-liquid'-technologies - Phys.Org

Phys.OrgBio-inspired catalyst paves the way to 'gas-to-liquid'-technologiesPhys.OrgA new bio-inspired zeolite catalyst might pave the way to small scale "gas-to-liquid" technologies converting natural gas to fuels and starting materials for the chemical industry. The copper atoms provide the zeolite with a bluish color Credit ...Bio-inspired catalyst paves the way to gas-to-liquid technologiesNanowerkEffective conversion of methane by a new copper zeolite: Bio-inspired catalyst ...Your Oil and Gas News (press release)all 4 news articles »

Copper: speed demon or technology cul-de-sac - Total Telecom

Total TelecomCopper: speed demon or technology cul-de-sacTotal TelecomThe debate over the future potential of copper networks heated up at Connected Britain this week. While some industry stakeholders are predicting the end of the road for copper, others are pushing ahead with plans to bring technology to market.

Telkom cuts copper, fibre data prices - TechCentral

TechCentralTelkom cuts copper, fibre data pricesTechCentralTelkom is cutting the cost of data on its fibre-to-the-home and copper digital subscriber line (DSL) infrastructure, with the price of some data bundles falling by 15%. The company's new “Do Bundle” prices start at R399/month (reduced from R408 ...and more »

UTEL Develops Copper Test System to Fit Into FTTC Cabinets - Light Reading

UTEL Develops Copper Test System to Fit Into FTTC CabinetsLight Reading“Operators are well aware of the benefits last-mile copper testing technology brings but having to build it into the design of new cabinets was limiting so we wanted to condense everything down in order for it to be added at any time in a cabinet's ...UTEL develops compact copper testing equipment to fit in existing fibre-to-the ...Industry Today (press release)all 5 news articles »

MB-AMM Copper Seminar: Technology to help substitution challenges - (subscription)

MB-AMM Copper Seminar: Technology to help substitution (subscription)A group of panelists at the Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market Copper Seminar in New York on Wednesday June 6 said that while technology is clearly an opportunity for the industry, there are still some risks. According to Freeport McMoRan vp ...and more »

Freescale Ships Its Billionth Component Integrating Copper Wire Assembly ... - Business Wire (press release)

Freescale Ships Its Billionth Component Integrating Copper Wire Assembly ...Business Wire (press release)AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Only two years after launching an ambitious initiative to expand and promote the industry-wide utilization of copper wire assembly technology, Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL) has shipped its billionth copper wire ...and more »

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Renewables Spur Copper and More - Energy and Capital

Energy and CapitalTesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Renewables Spur Copper and MoreEnergy and CapitalIn development are many technologies that harvest renewable energy, from wind to water to sunlight. Of course, each one of these new technologies have something in common: they all use copper, a major conductor and transporter of the electricity ...